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Antifeedants We are one of the major manufacturer and supplier of the most beneficial quality of Acaricides or Miticides. Miticides or acaricides are the agent usually a chemical that kill mites. The company offers its products in a variety of specifications possessing all the properties to satisfy its most demanding clients the world across. Ridden by the feeling that quality and invention generates leadership, the group is dedicated to render superior quality products and splendid customer service to provide maximum gratification to its customers.

This family of pesticides is wide and admits antibiotic acaricides, carbamate acaricides, mite growth regulators, formamidine acaricides, organophosphate acaricides, and many others. Diatomaceous earth is a chemical used to kill mites by cutting through the skin which drys out the mite. Ivermectin can be prescribed by a medical professionals to free humans of mite and lice plagues and there are agricultural preparations for birds and rodents that are invaded.

Acaricides are virtually harmless to non-insects, and are widely available in supermarkets. These chemicals are toxic to fish & perhaps birds. They can be employed as a spray or in more directed forms that attack the ticks and mites on mammal servers. Their effects are not limited to mites only, but is also applied for lice, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitos, & other insects.

All our products falling in the category Acaricides are both chemical based and organic based, as per the requirements

Chemical based acaricides:
Fenazaquin is a chemical agent used in acaricide products to enhance the potency of the active components, make the product more comfortable to practice, or to admit several active elements to mix in one solution. Solvents, emulsifiers, and spreaders fall in this family. It is used to kill microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi and used in germicide or antibacterial products. It is also applicable to forbid wood decomposition from microbial approach. Most wood compounds are highly poisonous.

Propargite is a widely used pesticide for control of mites on a range of fruit, grain, vegetable, nut and fiber crops. Currently, millions of farmers in more than 30 countries are using propargite in the formation of miticide. We are continuously starving in order to export the most effective products in the category acaricides.

Acaricides like Fenpropathrin has been used to kill mites for many years. Fenpropathrin together with propargite caused 100% mortality of mites and insects.

Etaxazole plays a major role in the formulation of Acaricides. It helps to enhance the effectiveness of the chemical compound. The application dosage of etoxazole depends on a level of damage and the other disciplines. The sheet preparation can be acquired by having etoxazole brooked on a cellulose paper by usual methods. For example, a solution containing etoxazole is dispersed on a cellulose paper and dried. The solution can be developed by unfreezing etoxazole in a suitable organic solvent and optionally thinning it with water comprising a dispersant.

Dicofol is a chemical compound used to kill crop-feeding mite pests such as the red spider mite. It is a poison which kills the pest after being absorbed and picked up from the surface of the crop. In many countries, dicofol is also used in combination with other pesticides. Dicofol is generally used on cotton, apples and citrus cultivates. Other crops include strawberries, pecans, walnuts, stonefruit, cucurbits, mint, beans, peppers, tomatoes,, and non-residential lawns.

Sulphur is another major ingredient for the formation of Acaricides to provide it with all the effective properties. Sulphur play an essential role in producing enough safety for plants and crops. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is scientifically proven to contribute to a healthy diet and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Based on potassium polysulphide, we produce sullfusal, which is an important category of Acaricides.