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We are a name to reckon with quality and guaranteed output. With our progressive experience, we have been attending people with our eminent quality products and door step delivery services. Our range of products has helped us to emerge as a dominant manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Chemosterilants.


We are dedicated towards, attaining the premier quality standards, realizing the customer's need, changing market schemes and accordingly deporting products.

Chemosterilants are the chemical compounds the ingestion of which results in sterility of an organism. Such compounds have been utilized as a way of commanding various insects and other pests by stimulating infertility.

All chemosterilants are exceedingly hazardous compounds. Their effects are not confined to insects only; they also cause cancer, birth defects, and other mutations in humans and domestic animals. These chemicals cannot be circularized in the surroundings like other pesticides. They should be implemented under controlled laboratory circumstances, usually to insects that are mass nurtured and released as part of a sterile release program. Although there is much concern in detecting a chemosterilant whose consequences are confined to insects, yet no such compound been found.

Our Chemosterilants are formulated in order to render all the benefits to plants and crops. These chemical compounds are chiefly categorised into chemical based and organic based. We are well known in the production of organic based Diflubenzuron.

Diflubenzuron is a benzamide insecticide used on forest and field crops to control worms and parasites. The target insect variety are the gypsy moth, forest tent caterpiller, various evergreen eating moths and the boll beetle. Diflubenzuron is a poison which acts by conquering the production of a compound that makes the outer covering of the insect hard and so steps in with the formation of the insect's epidermis or shell. It is also used as a larvae dominance chemical in mushroom procedures and animal houses.