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Incepted to function as a one-stop solution to the diverse needs of the agriculture industries, Fertilizers and Pesticides is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Antifeedants and other chemicals for agricultural use. Driven by our customer oriented approach, we are directed at creating long lasting kinship with our clients.


We are dealing with a range of product like insecticides, rat killer, insect killers, insect repellents, repellent sprays, insect repellent sprays, cockroach repellent spray catering to the requirement with regard to the pest problem confronted. We are committed to supply genuine, effective, safe and consistent natural products, which are a classic fusion of modern technology and traditional science.

Antifeedants are aversive chemical compounds that suppress feeding over a varying time period of observation. Some antifeedants inhibit feasting because they are poisonous, others because they possess a regretful sense of taste. These molecules are of exceptional involvement because they could be used to defend our crops. They might also foreclose insects to lay down eggs. These chemicals are only to prevent noxious insects from feeding but also move them away from the crops.

The antifeedants manufactured by us are classified into two main heads: Chemical based antifeedants and Organic based antifeedants.

Chlordimeform is effective as an insecticide for controlling bollworm and tobacco budworm in cotton and other crops. It is also beneficial and extremely effective for the control of resistant mites and their eggs. This product has exceptionally good ovicidal action. Chlordimeform is more effective on mite eggs and larvae than the adults. It requires a time period of 24-96 hours for mite control.

Pymetrozine are the chemicals used in the formation of Antifeedants to control organisms which are regarded as harmful. This compound helps to save farmers money by forbidding crop releases to insects and other pests. They can also kill trespassing weeds in parklands and wild areas which may cause environmental impairment.