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VirucidesWe propose a number of crop protective chemicals, ranging from conventional fungicides, insecticides and herbicides to new types of products, including plant growth regulators. We are a esteemed supplier of organic and inorganic chemicals to the agricultural sphere because of our quality products and services.

We are widely known for catering extremely effective agricultural chemicals and minerals. Our customer-oriented approach has greatly helped us in building and maintaining procreative relationship with the client. Our company strives towards procuring Virucides that meet the industry purity standards in terms of composition as well as solution. The range of Pesticides offered by us are used in different chemical products for agriculture purposes.

A viricide as the name suggests, is a chemical agent which "kills" viruses outside the body. Since "life" in viruses is problematic to commence with, this term broadly refers to an antiseptic which dependably inactivates or demolishes a virus. The virucides are basically of two types : Chemical based and other is Organic based.

We produce organic based Virucides under the trade marked name Virohsal. This chemical agent for crop protection is based on natural diterpene dimers & alkaloids.