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Presenting sulfosal, which is totally biological and non toxic in nature that has a broadband spectrum and immediate knock down effect. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Sulfosal round the globe. We also supply in bulk as per the requirement of the clients.


Composition Potassium Polysulphide & Stabilizers
pH Neutral (7.00)
Physical Color Yellowish Orange
Compatibility Compatible with other pesticides

Merits & Uses
As it is a sulfur derivative, it can easily be used on behalf of sulfur. If used properly, it is capable in bringing good results to the food crops. It is widely used for mite control & powdery mildews.

Target Crops
Paddy, Wheat, Corn, Soya beans, Tubers, Cotton, Peanuts, Sesame, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Mulberry, Tea, Fruits & other crops.

Recommended Dosage & Packaging
As far as dosage is concerned, one needs to apply it as 3 ml with per litre of water. Packages available in different weight as 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml or 200 kg sealed barrel.