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Salute G - Organic Growth Promotant

We are proud to manufacture and export Salute G worldwide. It is widely used for plant growth. It is non toxic in nature. If you want to enhance the productivity, you must choose this product.

Composition Salute 10%, Fillers & Binding Agents
pH Neutral (7.00)
Action It is plant growth regulator, growth promoter & anti-transpirant
Compatibility Compatible with other pesticides

Merits & Uses
This is 100% biological in nature. It is widely known for its quick effects on plants. It speeds up the chlorophyll content in the plant, promotes flowering and also checks the premature fall of flowers too. In fact, it works as an accelerator for the growth of roots.

Target Crops
Paddy, Wheat, Corn, Soya beans, Tubers, Cotton, Peanuts, Sesame, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Mulberry, Tea, Fruits & other crops.

Recommended Dosage & Packaging
It is advised to use as 8 kg with per acre or 20 kg with per hectare. One can avail this product in attractive packages in 1 kg, 4 kg or 40 kg drum packing.